Instituted in 2008 the Integrity funeral plan of Australia is privately owned and operated by Integrity Funerals Services we are one of if not the only privately owned funeral plan in Queensland . the Integrity Funeral Plan was created  to compete with multinational financial institutions  that by perception where the only ones allowed to operate  a fixed price funeral fund such as this. Our company philosophy  as an Australian owned company  is to  invest wisely into our own community here within Queensland and Australia.

The ideal of our funeral plan process is quite simple to understand  

The first step

Is to meet with our friendly and professional staff  and  discover what type of funeral you or your family wish to have we would  discuss with  your options in detail , helping us understand  your wishes and   choices at this  point we will tailor and cost the funeral to your needs.T hat way you have an understanding  of the  costing of the  funeral at today’s cost ( email address link here ) we are happy to visit in the comfort of your own home or at our offices

The second step

We would then form a contract providing  a unique tailored  pre-arranged funeral to you  matching your needs, wishes and instructions

The third Step

We then use the funds provided  and invest them wisely generally in interest bearing accounts that allows us to offset the cost of inflation to you as family  thus securing the cost of the funeral at today’s cost for you as  a family once the agreement is in place the cost of the funeral is then set at today’s cost  and never changes or is subject to price increase